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Njira Services – What We Offer

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Njira Consulting Company strategically partners with you delivering appropriate solutions quickly and responsively in a unique opportunity to expand your professional resources for improved effectiveness in achieving quality business results.

Strategic Business Solutions

  1. Strategic Planning – exploring the future and incorporating it in your business planning
  2. Issues Analysis – to identify the aspects of your organization that are not performing adequately
  3. Corporate Growth and Restructuring – exploring alternatives for the size and structure of the organization which caters for both the financial and human the needs.
  4. Coaching and Advice

Results-Oriented Training and Development

  1. Customer Service Training – in a simulation environment the real customer service issues can be addressed and alternative solutions explored and refined through situational training
  2. Negotiation Skills Enhancement – this fundamental skill of business (and life) is developed and refined in a simulated interactive environment
  3. Customized Training Programs

Leadership, Team and Group Facilitation

  1. Team Building and Development – an experiential approach to develop team skills and interpersonal processes within the team
  2. Visioning and Values – exploring new business possibilities and molding a corporate culture based on acceptable common values
  3. Creativity Sessions – an experiential and synergistic facilitation to generate new and profitable products or services, identify improvements in current operations and address other business issues.

Public Speaking