NJIRA at-a-Glance: What We Offer

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Strategic Business Solutions, Coaching and Advice

Njira Consulting Company strategically partners with you delivering appropriate solutions quickly and responsively in a unique opportunity to expand your professional resources for improved effectiveness in achieving quality business results.

Results-Oriented Training and Development; Customized Training Programs & Group Facilitation

NJIRA is ready to custom design courses, seminars, workshops and programs from scratch to meet your needs.  We will design training materials including training facilitator guides and workshop materials. We will provide in class materials including exercises and case studies.

Public Speaking

“Edna-Jakki is one of the most powerful speakers I know. Always very relevant and she definitely knows her stuff!” -Leadership Program participant.

Business Owner, Business & Management Consultant, Dance and Fitness Professional Edna-Jakki is available for speaking engagements in the US and internationally. She engages audiences authentically in topics such as business, management, leadership, team, personal growth, communications & interaction, mindful living, a healthy and fit lifestyle, stress management, and how to integrate all centers of being: mental, spiritual, and physical.