Njira’s New Look

cropped-img_0487.jpgWe have a new look and working to improve it every day. We value your presence as you are visit with us and we are especially happy that you are continuing to check out our site periodically. We are working on new content daily… again, thank you for your patience while we are creating our site. ~ The Njira Consulting Team

Njira is Looking Forward

Edna-Jakki Miller, Njira Consulting’s Lead Consultant

Edna-Jakki Miller, President and Owner of Njira Consulting is looking forward… always looking over the horizon.

“We must always know that there are opportunities in every setback. We are stronger than we know.”

Our Name – Njira

IMG_0236Our name “Njira” is underscored by our purpose – to assist our customers and clients to thrive… to build “path” ways to success. Njira comes from the African language of Chichewa which means “path”. To assure our success, Njira has developed a wide variety of interventions for teams, organizations and personal effectiveness.