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Who We Are

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Njira Consulting is a business and management consulting and training firm.  The company helps new and existing businesses, corporations, organizations, and individuals with solving business problems, process and skills development, education, recruitment, staffing, training, and group process facilitation. We specialize in small business development.

Our Focus

Njira Consulting helps small businesses, organizations, and individuals to succeed.

Our Njira Consulting team has over 40 years of broad experience in consulting, training, facilitation, product management, project management, quality process management, business, management and information technology and leadership.

Edna-Jakki Miller, President, has assisted companies and individuals providing unique and proven methods create synergy in your organization for improved results. Njira Consulting works on existing or new problems using an action-oriented approach.

Our Commitment

At Njira Consulting, Inc we are dedicated to providing our customers with friendly service. We value your business; therefore, we have made it our mission to provide reliable services and products using our customer-driven approach. Our courteous, professional team is able to support a range of services to meet your requirements.

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