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 Over 30 years experience of helping small businesses, organizations, and individuals.

Njira Consulting, Inc. is a business and management consulting and training firm.  The company helps new and existing businesses, corporations, organizations, and individuals with solving business problems, process and skills development,education, recruitment, staffing, training, and group process facilitation. Two of our specialty areas are small business development and not-for-profit business development.

On Teaching

"Rather than feed one a fish... I'd rather teach one to fish!" -EJ Miller 

Like a steady drip, everything happens one drop at a time!

About Truth

"The untrue never is; the true never isn't. The knowers of truth know this." -Krishna, Bhagavad Gita

On Living

Like a steady drip, everything happens one drop at a time... whereever you are

is exactly where you should be... stay open, stay involved, stay focused.  -EJ Miller

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