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Helping new and existing small businesses, corporations, organizations, individuals, and teams with process and skills development, education, training, and facilitation solutions in the areas of business operations, management and organizational development, leadership and team development, information technology, strategic planning, diversity planning, strategy, and management, customer service, project management, human resources management, quality, and change management.


The Njira Consulting team has over 20 years of broad experience. Edna-Jakki Miller, President, has assisted companies and individuals providing unique and proven methods to create synergy in organizations and businesses for improved results. Njira works on existing or new problems  using an action-oriented and experiential approach. Njira, Inc. continuously seeks opportunities for collaboration and partnerships with other consulting companies on new development projects, and in helping to formulate and launch strategic plans.


President & Lead Consultant - Edna-Jakki Miller is management development consultant, trainer, facilitator, and coach with experience and expertise in individual, team and organizational development.  She is business and customer focused possessing a demonstrated record of success in leading and managing people and teams.

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